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Oceania - Kicking down doors and looking for trouble...
« on: February 10, 2015, 03:54:06 PM »
It's been busy few months since moving to Aman'Thul. With the launch of a new expansion and a server move, we've seen some old faces come back, lost some familiar faces and gained some new friends.

The improvement in ping time for raiding has seen us progressing at a decent clip, at time of writing we are:
  • Highmaul Normal - all cleared
  • Highmaul Heroic - 4/7
  • Blackrock Foundary Normal - 3/10 (first week)

Some kill shots for you.

First of all, Highmaul...

And into Blackrock Foundry we go...

We are aware that some members are experiencing issues with the website, and that has impacted our ability to post updates and for members to let us know how they are going. We are looking at options to resolve the issue but are constrained by the old forum code and the fact that we no longer have current contact details for the registered owner of the domain name. If we can't resolve the issues with the tools we have available to us - it may mean migrating to another forum system on another site and keeping this site as an archive. I will let everyone one know if we need to move, but it won't be happening in a hurry.

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