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Leucocepha Application/Intro
« on: October 06, 2016, 11:38:36 AM »
Well, I've already been invited to the guild, but thought I should do a proper application and introduce myself.

Character Name:  Leucocepha (Pronounced Lou-Co-See-Fa)

Class: Druid

Mainspec: I wanna be a Guardian

Offspec: At the moment I'm playing as Feral to level up and also get used to DPS for when required.  I used to be Boomkin as my DPS mode, and may try it again as you can't beat the Moonkin dance, but I got tired of carrying so much gear.  So need to look into it again for Legion.

Level: Piddly 100

Armoury Link: Is there still (or once again) an online Armory?  I can't find it.

Time /played on this character:  Lots but not for quite some time.

Timezone and Location: Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Previous guilds/servers:  Leucocepha started life on Proudmoore as IronEagle in the guild Delusions of Adequacy and was the GM for a couple of years eventually giving up the position due to dissention in the Officer ranks and I couldn't be bothered with the back stabbing.  Eventually came to Aman'Thul (I think) and raided through Lich King though I can't remember the name of the guild - We were good, though lost interest part way through Cataclysm, and bounced around a few servers.

Why do you want to be in a guild?  It's lonely playing on your own.

What will you bring to the guild, what do you expect from a guild? I bring to Oceania the willingness to help where I can, and expect the same from the guild.

Why do you want to join Oceania in particular?  I know some of your members already so didn't really look at any other guilds.  Because I'm not in a position to raid at this stage and will be limited in the time I can commit to, the guilds I've seen advertise didn't really seem like a good fit.

Are you applying for a raiding position in Oceania?  I would love to raid when I am at a level that I can.

      What motivates you to raid?  The ability to complete end game content, the nice gear, working together with other people as one unit.  As I have been a tank most of my WoW life, I do like to raid from the front. 
      What are your raiding accomplishments so far in Warlords of Draenor?  I didn't raid or do any end-game content through WoD as I played alone.  A few random dungeons which I don't consider accomplishments.

      What are your raiding accomplishments prior to Warlords of Draenor?  WotLK was the last expansion I seriously played where we had two 10 man teams that would race to defeat the Lich King on a weekly basis.  I don't think we had a 25 man team.  I played as the MT.

      Do you intend to raid on this character (or another) outside of Oceania?  This is my main character, though I intend on raising my other characters to raid level.  I don't see myself committing to other raids outside of Oceania, but may engage in raids from time to time.

      Why did you choose your class/spec/role and what makes you excel at it?  I chose to play a Druid in Vanilla as I have somewhat Druidic beliefs IRL, I eventually settled on my main spec as a Tank as I enjoy the satisfaction of protecting my team mates.  I excel at it because I am always looking for that satisfaction.  When I was Raiding I was aware of the abilities of all classes and therefore from the frontline I was able to monitor the situation and direct other members of my team to achieve the goal we were looking for. WoW has become very much a follow the leader game, where someone decides how to kill a boss and posts a video somewhere and that's how everyone else does it.  I'm not so much a fan of that, I believe there is always more than one way to skin a cat and I'm always have my eyes open to find alternatives.

      List our raid times (converted to your local time). How do these times work for you?  9pm Thursday and 7pm Sunday.  These times work for me most weeks

      Sometimes you may be required to sit out, how do you feel about this?  Time to work on another character?  Sweet!

      If you are a hybrid class, you occasionally may be needed to raid as your offspec, how do you feel about this?  I'll play another role if required if it is the difference between a raid running and not. 

      Is your computer and internet connection consistently reliable?  Seems to be reliable.  I should be moving to fibre before hitting 110, just upgraded to the 1080 GTX and planning on upgrading my CPU in the next month.

Briefly tell us about yourself: I'm old!  Well not that old, but not a teenager anymore.  I'm not sure what else there is to tell about me, I'm a dancer, I started out doing Ballroom Dancing several years ago (one of the contributing factors to the demise of my raiding career), though have been away from Ballroom for about a year, looking forward to getting back in to it.  Most of my time is taken up with Ceroc dancing where I am a member of the crew and a trainee teacher.  I compete in competitions when I can find a decent partner.


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Re: Leucocepha Application/Intro
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2016, 09:22:00 PM »

Myself and Mtnaan know Leucocepha in real life, and pretty sure most of the Welly crew have met him at one time or another.


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