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Emtee - Protection Warrior application
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:45:46 PM »
Character Name:




110 - ilvl 899

Armoury Link:

Time /played on this character:
89 Days... some hours.

Timezone and Location:
+10:00 Melbourne

Previous guilds/servers:
Axis of Evil - Aman'Thul - Raided BC through Sunwell
Noctis Erus - Aman'Thul/Barthilas - Raided Wrath through to ICC, then took a break
Primal - Barthilas - Raided Warlords through HFC, Legion to 8/10 Nighthold

(Why did you leave?)
Guild sort of fell apart at 7.2, people got bored, and I wanted to be raiding with people I know.

Why do you want to be in a guild?
Social environment - I like what I get from being involved in the team environment in a well functioning guild, doing mythics/mythic+, general crap talk, scheduled raiding, it's a good way to be interacting with people and having good fun.

What will you bring to the guild, what do you expect from a guild?
Mad beats and general inanity, plus active playing and engaging in activities including gearing up people and their alts if they want to play something different. Personally, I always play a warrior, and I've always played a tank up until now, so it's always been fun for me to help other people get into their new characters.

Why do you want to join Oceania in particular?
Oceania's active, raids at times that are good for me and seems to have a good attitude to life balance - I'm also friends with Felinae and Bremic IRL and have chatted to them on and off about playing on the alliance side again :)
(What are you hoping to achieve with us? Do you know any of our members already? )

Are you applying for a raiding position in Oceania?
(If not you may skip to the last question)

       What motivates you to raid?
      (What do you enjoy? What do you dislike?)
      See team stuff above - I've always been drawn to tanking, maybe it was the glory of being the first to charge in (although years of doing it haven't really taken that away!) or maybe it was the 'I want to be punched in the face so you don't have to be' mentality, but tanking is one of those things you can't really do solo. I've always disliked when raiding becomes repetitive - clearing the same place night after night for the sake of it, when everyone's already pretty well geared and we're just chasing those last 5% of pieces, but that's never stopped me doing it. I take my role pretty seriously and will clear time in my schedule as I've always had the mentality that if I'm not there, the raid at best will have to try and rustle up another tank, or at worst might not even go ahead.
       What are your raiding accomplishments so far in Legion?
      (Instances have you cleared, highest achievements earned, any heroic modes?)
Legion - up to 8/10 H Nighthold, still haven't cleared a +10 M+ key sadly (kept getting +12 Court and bad RNG!)

       What are your raiding accomplishments prior to Legion?
      (How far did you progress in vanilla and previous expansions?  What class/role did you play in these?)
Raided vanilla in AQ20, BC every raid through clearing Sunwell (BT pre 3.0 nerf, sunwell post), Wrath every raid including server first 10man Firefighter, server 2nd 10 man 0 lights in the dark, had all the mounts etc. Sadly that character no longer exists, the account was sold during Cata and I started a new account for the end of Cata, no raids though. Raided again starting mid-Warlords, cleared heroic HFC, took another break to get my new career settled under me and came back at the end of EN raiding to clear heroic EN.

       Do you intend to raid on this character (or another) outside of Oceania?
      (Is this character your main?  Will you have other raiding commitments in WoW?)
This is my main, I won't have any other raiding commitments (who has that sort of time?)

       Why did you choose your class/spec/role and what makes you excel at it?
      (What is the crucial to the performance of your class? What makes you a successful raider?)
See my first answer to why, I mean... I'm called Emtee, for crying out loud. It was always my ambition. It's that same ambition that makes me work hard at being better at my role at all times. I do a lot of my own theorycrafting and number crunching, then go to sites like icyveins to confirm if I was right or not. sometimes I am, sometimes I find out I missed something important, and then I work that new info into how I'm working on playing.

       List our raid times (converted to your local time). How do these times work for you?
      (Can you attend most raids? Can we depend on you showing up when expected?)
      19:15 - 21:15 Thurs and 18:00-21:00 Sun - Melbourne local. These times are perfect for me, I will be at the door every raid unless otherwise advised well in advance!

       Sometimes you may be required to sit out, how do you feel about this?
      (Raid spots are not guaranteed, they are earned and they are shared)
*shrug* if I have to sit then I have to sit - I will keep my dps set up to date so I can flex in if needed but I understand as a second spec that if I'm sat as a tank, then sat as a dps because it isn't high enough for progression or I'm not keeping up my end, I just take that as needing to do more work on my end. Sitting for me just means more time to go work on my character a bit more.

       If you are a hybrid class, you occasionally may be needed to raid as your offspec, how do you feel about this?
      (How experienced are you at playing another role? How well do you maintain your offspec gear?)
See above - I am not experienced as DPS, I've chosen arms as it suits my current gear well so I can get started quickly, but I imagine as my proper arms set builds up my dps will improve with it. I just need to spend more time in M+ practicing.

       Is your computer and internet connection consistently reliable?
      (What is your FPS and latency like in an average raid? Can your GPU handle many spell effects at once?)
GTX670, twin SSDs and a 1tb data drive (wow on an SSD, OS on the other). My load times are awesome and my FPS doesn't decrease during intense fights EG Gul'dan, Astromancer or Botanist. I have FTTP, 25mb down, have never  had a dropout.

Briefly tell us about yourself:
(May include age, interests, study or employment, favourite 17th century agriculturalist, views on interior decorating, etc)
Man, I hate these open ended questions. It's like I'm in an interview and someone says, so, tell me about you. WHAT? you want to know all the things? I can't brain all the things!

In brief, I'm 29, I'm getting married in a week, I work as a mechanic building Shelby mustangs, I used to be in IT until 2 years ago when I went to tafe to become a mechanic, I'm technical chief for a race team in my spare time and I make race review videos for said team as well. I do origami, lego, cooking, sewing, cross stitch, comic books, star wars, doctor who, electronics, made our wedding rings, own 4 cats with my partner, am often referred to as 'that weird guy' and may or may not know the first 20 elements of the periodic table by terrible story.

Please give examples of your 3 best puns or dad jokes to ensure you will fit the culture of the guild.
I'm serious. Raid is nothing but hours of bad puns. If you can't handle that, we may not be the guild you are looking for.
Are you trying to kill me?


You don't want to open pundora's box here, guys.
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Re: Emtee - Protection Warrior application
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He seems to know which end is the pointy end ..., so far.


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Re: Emtee - Protection Warrior application
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2017, 10:15:08 PM »
I just read your applications and want to play at your work... My fave car!!! *purr*


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Re: Emtee - Protection Warrior application
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How many attempts did it take us to deal with that crazy Balrog?


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