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How to Apply
« on: February 20, 2008, 03:00:57 PM »
What's the application/trial process?

Please follow these steps closely when applying to Oceania:

  • Register here on the forum for an account using the name of the character you are applying on and intend to be your main in guild and or raids.
  • Read all the information here and in the Policies subforum thoroughly Ė you might be quizzed on it.
  • Use the application template to write your application, and post it as a new thread in this forum. Answer any questions the guild may post on your application.
  • Join the Oceania recruitment channel in-game (/join oceania) so an officer can contact you. Be proactive about contacting the officers but ensure they are not in an instance at the time!
  • If invited to guild you will be tagged as a Trial Member, your forum access here will be updated (be sure to read the forums regularly and be active in them!) and a poll will be created for your application. You wonít be able to see or have access to this poll;  during your trial period members of Oceania will be posting feedback on their time with you, and vote accordingly whether they would like to have you in raid/guild, so be sure to put your best foot forward.
  • Your trial will last a month and, if successful, at the end of that time you will be promoted to Core Raider, Reserve Raider or General Member (whichever is most appropriate), and be given access to all areas of the forums. Should you get several 'No' votes from guildies during your trial period, we will not waste your and our time by waiting the full month. You will be notified with reasons given and removed immediately.

Remember, you are representing yourself during trial... so why not make a good job of it!

What should I do/know before I apply?

Make sure the character you want in the guild as your main is a good reflection of you
This means making sure you log off in your best available gear (not in PvP kit), that everything is gemmed and enchanted appropriately, and that if itís not you have explained why in your application.

Know your class, know your role, research the content
Youíre expected to know whatís best for your class, the role you play and the suite of abilities available to you within your specs. Learning to raid is a team effort but you should be coming to us already fully informed on your class, your role(s), and the content you wish to tackle (either by having first-hand experience or reading the strategies online). The guild is here to help, not hold your hand.

Decide what class, role and spec you enjoy the most before applying
Yes, we have a recruitment list for what is currently needed in raid, but applying on your hunter and then spending all your time on your priest alt is not what we want. Play what you enjoy, and be kick-ass at it! Also, if you apply on an 90 and then spend months on end playing a lvl 15 alt to the detriment of your main you will be guild removed, so choose your main wisely. The guild allows 1 main change per expansion, but prefers not having to swap at all.

Decide whether youíre committed to the guild
If you have your main in another raiding guild and you are applying on a ma level alt, your application will likely be rejected. We need raiders who are here, committed and who arenít spreading themselves thinly raiding across multiple guilds and characters. This is a guild of MAINS and we encourage all members to bring their alts in to guild.

Oceania is not a PvP guild
While many of our members may enjoy PvP and participate in it semi-regularly, ultimately Oceania is not a PVP guild. We're here to tackle raiding content primarily, and whilst itís fine for you to have a non-raiding off-spec or alts, if you PvP to the detriment of raiding commitments you will be demoted. PvP specs and gear are generally not viable for raiding, so please donít expect to attend PvE content with a PvP setup.

Prepare to be active during your trial
If you app, show up for two nights before vanishing without a word for nine days you can generally expect to be de-guilded when you return.

Raid loot and you
Trial status does not affect your loot availability; if you contribute to a raid, you have the same right to it as full members. However, all trial members are inserted at the bottom of the loot list when they first start raiding with Oceania. You can read more on how our loot system works in the Policies sub forum.

If you show a good understanding of the basics of raiding, know your class, are relatively mature with a good sense of humour, and play hard when you need to, you may have found the right place...
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