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Title: Long time, no posts - recruiting
Post by: Felinae on September 12, 2018, 12:34:08 PM
One week into Uldir and we are 4/8N, currently working on Vectis and finding it difficult with a 15 man raid size. Hopefully the changes on the last reset will make a difference and getting more gear on some of our lower geared people will help with the dps/heals check.

We are currently looking for healers and melee dps as our roster is a bit thin and we have a couple of our healers from last tier not available for RL reasons.

Anyone interested, we’re targeting an ilevel of around 340 but can work with a little lower and can help gear you up. Our raiders run Mythic+ fairly regularly and we’re running around M15-M18 at the end of the last tier. There will be opportunities to gear up outside of raid if you make time to participate. While our greatest need at present is healers and melee dps, I’m happy to talk to any class. We have our primary progression tanks sorted. If you want to trial for a back up tanking role we’re happy to discuss how it may work.

As we’re still on progression, the raid hasn’t yet decided which mechanic or environment they’re going to prank kill me on each week as yet, so I will have to settle to dying due to my own derpiness for now. I will not miss the bridge on Imonar.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the new quest content and exploring new dungeons. I’m hoping to see King’s Rest and Seige of Boralus this week, now that I’ve unlocked them.

If you’re running an instance and come across someone you think might be a good addition to the guild, point them at an officer: Felinae, Siaer, Zalanthe, Veratis.

See you all in game!