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Title: WoW Classic and Oceania Guild
Post by: Felinae on August 10, 2019, 11:02:07 AM
There has been a fair bit of interest in people wanting to roll characters in WoW Classic.

If you are looking to catch up with old friends, we recommend that you create a character on Alliance side on the Remulos (Oceanic -Normal) server.

At this time there's no specific plans to form a guild as we are unclear of the level of interest or commitment, and creating and maintaining a guild in vanilla requires significantly more effort than currently. If you are particularly interested in taking that on - please contact me.

You've probably noticed the forums have been pretty quiet, we have moved to Discord and have our own discord server. If you would like to join to Oceania discord server to catch up and find other current and former members - please use the following invite code:  https://discord.gg/24haq9G

Not you will need to have an officer grant you a role in order to interact. The easiest option if you already have a discord account is to ping me on Felinae#2373

Oceania is still plugging along, we are working our way through heroic on the current raid tier on Aman'Thul. If you want to check out what retail is doing - come gives a poke.

I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous life whether we see you in game or not.

Felinae and the Oceania Officers.
Title: Re: WoW Classic and Oceania Guild
Post by: Buddarh on August 29, 2019, 04:03:27 PM
Soo.... Tempting!!!!!