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News / WoW Classic and Oceania Guild
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:02:07 AM »
There has been a fair bit of interest in people wanting to roll characters in WoW Classic.

If you are looking to catch up with old friends, we recommend that you create a character on Alliance side on the Remulos (Oceanic -Normal) server.

At this time there's no specific plans to form a guild as we are unclear of the level of interest or commitment, and creating and maintaining a guild in vanilla requires significantly more effort than currently. If you are particularly interested in taking that on - please contact me.

You've probably noticed the forums have been pretty quiet, we have moved to Discord and have our own discord server. If you would like to join to Oceania discord server to catch up and find other current and former members - please use the following invite code:

Not you will need to have an officer grant you a role in order to interact. The easiest option if you already have a discord account is to ping me on Felinae#2373

Oceania is still plugging along, we are working our way through heroic on the current raid tier on Aman'Thul. If you want to check out what retail is doing - come gives a poke.

I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous life whether we see you in game or not.

Felinae and the Oceania Officers.

News / Heroic Uldir Cleared - AOTC
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:59:17 PM »
We've had a solid couple of weeks progression, with the following kill shots:

It's been a while since I regularly took screenshots, I'd forgotten about chivvying everyone to line up properly.

A bonus image for those of you who remember the Tea Party side quest chain in Druustvar.

News / Uldir progress - week 2
« on: September 17, 2018, 08:44:38 AM »
The changes to Vectis scaling for smaller groups made all the difference and we burned through him on Thursday night. Zul fell after a moderate amount of work nd we have started working on Mythrax, having made solid progress on him but still finding it a bit chaotic.

Assuming a smooth run on Thursday we should make a decent push on Mythrax next Sunday and potentially push into G’huun. Depending on how that goes we may be pushing into Heroic sooner than I thought.

We’re still looking to recruit some extra melee dps and heals for the raid team. Our roster is tight on both of these and we don’t have much flex to cover absences at present. If you see anyone looking for a raiding guild who you think might be a good fit, have a chat and if they’re interested pass their details on to an officer.

News / Long time, no posts - recruiting
« on: September 12, 2018, 12:34:08 PM »
One week into Uldir and we are 4/8N, currently working on Vectis and finding it difficult with a 15 man raid size. Hopefully the changes on the last reset will make a difference and getting more gear on some of our lower geared people will help with the dps/heals check.

We are currently looking for healers and melee dps as our roster is a bit thin and we have a couple of our healers from last tier not available for RL reasons.

Anyone interested, we’re targeting an ilevel of around 340 but can work with a little lower and can help gear you up. Our raiders run Mythic+ fairly regularly and we’re running around M15-M18 at the end of the last tier. There will be opportunities to gear up outside of raid if you make time to participate. While our greatest need at present is healers and melee dps, I’m happy to talk to any class. We have our primary progression tanks sorted. If you want to trial for a back up tanking role we’re happy to discuss how it may work.

As we’re still on progression, the raid hasn’t yet decided which mechanic or environment they’re going to prank kill me on each week as yet, so I will have to settle to dying due to my own derpiness for now. I will not miss the bridge on Imonar.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the new quest content and exploring new dungeons. I’m hoping to see King’s Rest and Seige of Boralus this week, now that I’ve unlocked them.

If you’re running an instance and come across someone you think might be a good addition to the guild, point them at an officer: Felinae, Siaer, Zalanthe, Veratis.

See you all in game!

News / The Nighthold - Heroic progression 5/10
« on: April 02, 2017, 09:23:32 PM »
After several frustrating weeks working on Krosus, we finally managed to down him last week. This week we managed to one shot him, showing last week wasn't a fluke when we finally killed him.

We also managed to get Spellblade this week on our first night of serious attempts, good work guys.

News / Oceania 2016, the year that was.
« on: December 25, 2016, 09:34:48 AM »
2016 saw a lot of changes for Oceania. Legion shipped about 4 months ago, and with it were have had a number of new members join and seen a few old members return. We've also seen a number of  longer term members step back and decide to focus a bit more on real life.

Raiding has been a bit of a step up on WoD, though we got to Christmas having Cleared Emerald Nightmare on Normal 5/7 on Heroic and Trial of Valor cleared on Normal. The new year will see a new patch and us stepping The Nighthold shortly.

The officers wish you all a safe holiday season, enjoy the time with your families and friends, an hope to see you all ready to rock in 2017.


News / Emerald Nightmare Normal cleared
« on: October 09, 2016, 08:55:41 PM »
Week three and we have now cleared Emerald Nightmare on Normal. For a bonus, we managed to get Nythendra and Dragons of Nightmare down on Heroic and started making progress on Renferal.

News / Legion Raiding - night the second
« on: September 26, 2016, 08:09:43 AM »
Daylight savings came and kicked our butt, so a short raiding week for our first two weeks in Emerald Nightmare, but we managed to get to 5/7N in our first 4 hours in the raid and a decent first attempt on Cenarius.

Thursday 29/9 we will be starting 30 minutes early (form up 6:30pm AEST/9:30pm NZDT) to accommodate the Kiwis, who are already on DLS, and run for 90 minutes (finish 8:15pm AEST/11:15pm NZDT). Sunday 2/10 we will be back to normal raid times with Australia also starting DLS.

News / Legion Raiding
« on: September 23, 2016, 08:44:07 AM »
Last night was our first night in the Emerald Nightmare. It was also our first night with a number of new members joining our raid for the first time.

After a few false starts getting everyone there and getting sorted with consumables, we managed to down three bosses with the new personal loot rules letting us pass around some upgrades and a couple of nice titan-forged items and a Legendary dropping.

The three bosses downed last night were:
  • Nythendra
  • Ursoc
  • Elerethe Renferal aka 'the spider bird'

With three down and four to go with a nights raiding still ahead of us this week, we will be in good shape to have seen most, if not all bosses before LFR opens.

Please note: Daylight Savings starts this week in NZ, and in Australia the week after. Unfortunate timing for start of raid as it means we have to have an early finish this Sunday and normally we would take a raid break on the Thursday during the offset week. Stay tuned for an update.

News / Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent
« on: May 09, 2016, 05:09:25 PM »
Due to reduced numbers at raid last night we went and finished the Guild achievement for the Pandaria Raids.

Guild members can now go buy

from the guild vendors (details in the link)

News / The forums are back!
« on: March 31, 2016, 03:16:09 PM »
Magic happened, and we appear to have working forums again.

If you have forgotten your password and need it reset (and for whatever reason can't get the auto reset working), message me ingame to reset your password or update the email account associated with your account.

News / Moose!
« on: February 14, 2016, 10:33:15 PM »
Heroic Archimonde finally fell. Oceania has now cleared the final boss of the expansion on heroic, good work everyone for persevering.

I will post a kill shot next time we kill him because we were so excited by the moose we forgot to take one. I may grab a shot of everyone on their moose before raid next week.

Now we need to clean up our Xhul kill to make that a bit more reliable (not easy with no rogues). As we gear up a couple of our raiding-late-bloomers, we will get a few more people through to get a moose of their own.

If only the armoury was working so we could show off our shiny new achievement.

News / Back on the air...
« on: January 17, 2016, 05:00:22 PM »
Sorry for the recent outage, it was caused by a server update gone bad. Normal functionality should have resumed. Let me know in game if you've lost any access you had before.

News / End of year update 2015
« on: December 13, 2015, 09:08:10 PM »
We only have one week of raiding left for the year, and high hopes as to what we can achieve, but with one week to go we are 10/13 for Heroic Hellfire Citadel. Not that much further to go to get our moose mount, then we will see how we go getting some more guilds that haven't been core raiders through.

We also had a day of churning out some guild achievements, knocking over a heap of TBC and Wrath dungeons and raids.

I hope everyone has had a good year, have a safe and happy holiday period with your families and come back refreshed for a new year of fun.

News / Tap, tap, tap is this thing still on?
« on: November 09, 2015, 02:16:22 PM »
In the last 6 months or so Oceania has overcome Blackrock Foundary and cleared Hellfire Citadel on Normal and is halfway through on Heroic.

The absence of screen shots in this time is totally me being slack - so here's a bunch of shots from the last 6 months, a mix of Normal and Heroic kills in approximately date order. There's a few faces that we haven't seen in a while, they are missed.

I'm aware we still have quite a few members having difficulty accessing the forums. The person who was looking into it unfortunately got busy with 'Real Life' TM.  I haven't forgotten about it, one of the options we are looking at is totally replacing the forum code with a fresh build, but there are risks that we might lose all the historical posts.  When we work out what we are going to do I will message everyone.

Blackrock Foundary

Hellfire Citadel

But wait, there's more!

A couple of bonus shots - I Found Pepe achievement went live!

And about six of the core raid met up for a post Pax feast, we raided a pig, here's the killshot!

and a bonus shot of the pig remains with Vamp and Siaer

Public Chat / GNU Terry Pratchett
« on: March 13, 2015, 08:57:20 AM »

    A lot of what travelled on the Grand Trunk was called the Overhead. It was instructions to towers, reports, messages about messages, even chatter between operators, although this was strictly forbidden these days. It was all in code. It was very rare you got Plain in the Overhead. But now . . . 'There it goes again,' she said. 'It must be wrong. It's got no origin code and no address. It's Overhead, but it's in Plain.' On the other side of the tower, sitting in a seat facing the opposite direction because he was operating the up-line, was Roger, who was seventeen and already working for his tower-master certificate. His hand didn't stop moving as he said: 'What did it say?'

    'There was GNU, and I know that's a code, and then just a name. It was John Dearheart. Was it a—'

    'You sent it on?' said Grandad. Grandad had been hunched in the corner, repairing a shutter box in this cramped shed halfway up the tower. Grandad was the tower-master and had been everywhere and knew everything. Everyone called him Grandad. He was twenty-six. He was always doing something in the tower when she was working the line, even though there was always a boy in the other chair. She didn't work out why until later. 'Yes, because it was a G code,' said Princess. 'Then you did right. Don't worry about it.'

    'Yes, but I've sent that name before. Several times. Upline and downline. Just a name, no message or anything!' She had a sense that something was wrong, but she went on: 'I know a U at the end means it has to be turned round at the end of the line, and an N means Not Logged.' This was showing off, but she'd spent hours reading the cypher book. 'So it's just a name, going up and down all the time! Where's the sense in that?' Something was really wrong. Roger was still working his line, but he was staring ahead with a thunderous expression. Then Grandad said: 'Very clever, Princess. You're dead right.'

    'Hah!' said Roger. 'I'm sorry if I did something wrong,' said the girl meekly. 'I just thought it was strange. Who's John Dearheart?'

    'He . . . fell off a tower,' said Grandad. 'Hah!' said Roger, working his shutters as if he suddenly hated them. 'He's dead?' said Princess. 'Well, some people say—' Roger began. 'Roger!' snapped Grandad. It sounded like a warning. 'I know about Sending Home,' said Princess. 'And I know the souls of dead linesmen stay on the Trunk.'

    'Who told you that?' said Grandad. Princess was bright enough to know that someone would get into trouble if she was too specific. 'Oh, I just heard it,' she said airily. 'Somewhere.'

    'Someone was trying to scare you,' said Grandad, looking at Roger's reddening ears. It hadn't sounded scary to Princess. If you had to be dead, it seemed a lot better to spend your time flying between the towers than lying underground. But she was bright enough, too, to know when to drop a subject. It was Grandad who spoke next, after a long pause broken only by the squeaking of the new shutter bars. When he did speak, it was as if something was on his mind. 'We keep that name moving in the Overhead,' he said, and it seemed to Princess that the wind in the shutter arrays above her blew more forlornly, and the everlasting clicking of the shutters grew more urgent. 'He'd never have wanted to go home. He was a real linesman. His name is in the code, in the wind in the rigging and the shutters. Haven't you ever heard the saying “A man's not dead while his name is still spoken”?'

News / And we're back...
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:07:19 AM »
After being offline for a couple of weeks, we are finally back online. Hopefully I have the domain issues sorted now. We are still looking into what we need to do to resolve the problems with the SMF software.

Anyone who is a website expert who wants to volunteer some expertise - please touch base with an officer.

In other news, we are now 5/7 Heroic in Highmaul and 5/10 Normal in Blackrock Foundry. I will post some screen shots in the next day or two.

One of the things limiting our progress in Heroic Highmaul is a lack of caster DPS. We have a couple of mages who are currently AFK, but are due back in the not too distant future, so we are probably looking for a warlock or elemental/resto shaman to boost our numbers. If you are know anyone who would be interested, contact an officer.

News / Oceania - Kicking down doors and looking for trouble...
« on: February 10, 2015, 03:54:06 PM »
It's been busy few months since moving to Aman'Thul. With the launch of a new expansion and a server move, we've seen some old faces come back, lost some familiar faces and gained some new friends.

The improvement in ping time for raiding has seen us progressing at a decent clip, at time of writing we are:
  • Highmaul Normal - all cleared
  • Highmaul Heroic - 4/7
  • Blackrock Foundary Normal - 3/10 (first week)

Some kill shots for you.

First of all, Highmaul...

And into Blackrock Foundry we go...

We are aware that some members are experiencing issues with the website, and that has impacted our ability to post updates and for members to let us know how they are going. We are looking at options to resolve the issue but are constrained by the old forum code and the fact that we no longer have current contact details for the registered owner of the domain name. If we can't resolve the issues with the tools we have available to us - it may mean migrating to another forum system on another site and keeping this site as an archive. I will let everyone one know if we need to move, but it won't be happening in a hurry.

Public Chat / Posting to the forums - work around
« on: November 24, 2014, 09:40:44 AM »
The forums are currently being 'difficult' and not cooperating. It seems to be something related to the cookies or backend authentication code, I have asked someone to have a look at it.

While that is being done, what I have found that allows me to log in and post is to close the window, delete all cookies related to, open a NEW INCOGNITO window in my browser (posting from chrome currently), then log in for 1 hour only.

When I am done posting I close the window and if I need to post again I start a fresh session. I know this will be a PITA for many people, but if it lets people post in the interim it may help.

I will be posting the raid sign up thread soon - the intent is to do a headcount of who is raid ready and what class/spec they intend to bring. We do this every expansion to get a feel for what gaps we will have going into a new raiding tier.

News / WoD, Oceanic servers and the forums
« on: November 19, 2014, 10:06:24 AM »
Oceania has moved.

With the introduction of Australian based servers, Oceania has moved to Aman'Thul after nearly 9 years on Proudmoore.  We hope that the new server treats us as well as the old one.

I am aware that many people are having issues with the forums. I am actively investigating our options and it may involve migrating to a new forum sever. Keep your eyes open for more news on this front.

With Warlords being released, we have seen a lot of absent members returning and have picked up a few new members who have moved to the new server without a guild to support them. If you see new names online, please introduce yourself and who knows, you might make a new friend. :)

Congratulations to Bremic for being guild first to L100, there were a few more close on his heels, I think Veratis was second. The 10th anniversary L100 Molten Core raid is due to go live next week, I hope to see you all through there at some point.

Welcome to Draenor.

News / Siege of Orgrimmar 10N down
« on: September 01, 2014, 06:48:16 PM »
An overdue update. We've had the first 12 on farm for quite a while, but were consistently running out of time to try the last two. I hadn't captured a screenshot of this guy - so here it is.

The Paragons were pretty easy once we spent some time on them.

After numerous wipes and many different strategies while we worked out what worked for us, finally, Garrosh Normal is down.

Great work everyone, lets get a few more kills in before 6.0 to try and get some heirlooms for people and get some of the many people who contributed to the kill but weren't with us on the night through.

News / Oceania raiding 2014
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:22:22 PM »
It's been a challenging year so far with quite a few core members of the raid having extended absences due to work, health, family and hardware failures.

Still, we've pushed solidly through Siege of Orgrimmar and are making decent progress. We are currently 14/14 Flex and 12/14 Normal.

Our current biggest challenge is finding a second tank to help us while Veratis recovers from a back injury, we wish him a speedy recovery and hope we will be back raiding with us before Warlords approaches.

Some screen shots of our recent progress...

One day I will remember to get a screen shot of the conveyor belt boss before we all run off.

We are currently looking for a spare tank and a spare healer to add to the roster so that we can raid more consistently and push through to finish the current their and start on Heroics.

When 6.0 drops and Normal and Heroic raiding supports flex numbers, we will be looking to extend the roster further so that we are less susceptible to random absences. Any returning members thinking of coming back to raiding should speak to an officer about raid times and gearing requirements.

Anyone interested in joining OC should contact an officer in game to talk about where we are and your experience. More information can be found in the recruitment threads.

News / Happy New Year 2014
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:56:46 AM »
Oceania has kicked off a new year of raiding and it looks to be a good one with solid progress made already on the next boss in SoO.

We also had a good night with a bunch of PUGs in SoO Flex last night, we found some sweet lewts but had to give it away.

News / Oceania has a big finish for 2013
« on: December 25, 2013, 05:06:47 PM »
Oceania finished up a big year raiding with Seige of Orgrimmar on 11/14 on Flex and 4/14 on Normal. The new year should see us pushing through on both difficulties and going back to clean up The Thunder King at some point.

Thank you to everyone who has persisted through our roster woes, if you find yourself in a group with someone who in looking to raid ANZAC times and seems OK, point them at an officer, we are looking for depth in the roster for all roles.

News / 3 more down, 6 out of 12.
« on: August 29, 2013, 01:20:13 PM »
A couple of good weeks recently, firstly Tortos went down amid chaos and many bats.

Then a fortnight later in a good evening's work, both Megeara and Ji-Kun fell to Oceania's persistence. Thank you to Brem for coming along and filling out the raid team that night, it's always good to see some of our former regulars com along rather than pugging for empty places.

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