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 on: August 29, 2019, 04:03:27 PM 
Started by Felinae - Last post by Buddarh
Soo.... Tempting!!!!!

 on: August 10, 2019, 11:02:07 AM 
Started by Felinae - Last post by Felinae
There has been a fair bit of interest in people wanting to roll characters in WoW Classic.

If you are looking to catch up with old friends, we recommend that you create a character on Alliance side on the Remulos (Oceanic -Normal) server.

At this time there's no specific plans to form a guild as we are unclear of the level of interest or commitment, and creating and maintaining a guild in vanilla requires significantly more effort than currently. If you are particularly interested in taking that on - please contact me.

You've probably noticed the forums have been pretty quiet, we have moved to Discord and have our own discord server. If you would like to join to Oceania discord server to catch up and find other current and former members - please use the following invite code:

Not you will need to have an officer grant you a role in order to interact. The easiest option if you already have a discord account is to ping me on Felinae#2373

Oceania is still plugging along, we are working our way through heroic on the current raid tier on Aman'Thul. If you want to check out what retail is doing - come gives a poke.

I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous life whether we see you in game or not.

Felinae and the Oceania Officers.

 on: July 13, 2019, 06:52:03 PM 
Started by Pakz - Last post by Sandors
Are you guys going to recreate this guild in Classic?

 on: November 26, 2018, 05:59:17 PM 
Started by Felinae - Last post by Felinae
We've had a solid couple of weeks progression, with the following kill shots:

It's been a while since I regularly took screenshots, I'd forgotten about chivvying everyone to line up properly.

A bonus image for those of you who remember the Tea Party side quest chain in Druustvar.

 on: September 17, 2018, 08:44:38 AM 
Started by Felinae - Last post by Felinae
The changes to Vectis scaling for smaller groups made all the difference and we burned through him on Thursday night. Zul fell after a moderate amount of work nd we have started working on Mythrax, having made solid progress on him but still finding it a bit chaotic.

Assuming a smooth run on Thursday we should make a decent push on Mythrax next Sunday and potentially push into G’huun. Depending on how that goes we may be pushing into Heroic sooner than I thought.

We’re still looking to recruit some extra melee dps and heals for the raid team. Our roster is tight on both of these and we don’t have much flex to cover absences at present. If you see anyone looking for a raiding guild who you think might be a good fit, have a chat and if they’re interested pass their details on to an officer.

 on: September 12, 2018, 12:34:08 PM 
Started by Felinae - Last post by Felinae
One week into Uldir and we are 4/8N, currently working on Vectis and finding it difficult with a 15 man raid size. Hopefully the changes on the last reset will make a difference and getting more gear on some of our lower geared people will help with the dps/heals check.

We are currently looking for healers and melee dps as our roster is a bit thin and we have a couple of our healers from last tier not available for RL reasons.

Anyone interested, we’re targeting an ilevel of around 340 but can work with a little lower and can help gear you up. Our raiders run Mythic+ fairly regularly and we’re running around M15-M18 at the end of the last tier. There will be opportunities to gear up outside of raid if you make time to participate. While our greatest need at present is healers and melee dps, I’m happy to talk to any class. We have our primary progression tanks sorted. If you want to trial for a back up tanking role we’re happy to discuss how it may work.

As we’re still on progression, the raid hasn’t yet decided which mechanic or environment they’re going to prank kill me on each week as yet, so I will have to settle to dying due to my own derpiness for now. I will not miss the bridge on Imonar.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the new quest content and exploring new dungeons. I’m hoping to see King’s Rest and Seige of Boralus this week, now that I’ve unlocked them.

If you’re running an instance and come across someone you think might be a good addition to the guild, point them at an officer: Felinae, Siaer, Zalanthe, Veratis.

See you all in game!

 on: June 06, 2018, 03:50:02 AM 
Started by Nekhrimah - Last post by Creighton
This topic reminded me of the time when I was leveling my rogue, sometime in TBC. I used to listen to a ton of heavy metal and every time I hear the songs from that playlist, it takes me back to TBC zones in my mind. lol

 on: April 30, 2018, 07:06:47 PM 
Started by Muhena - Last post by Felinae
I'd second that. Guild that man if you haven't already!

Forum privs sorted.

 on: April 30, 2018, 02:59:19 PM 
Started by Muhena - Last post by Siaer
To be honest, I say yes just because of the joke :D

 on: April 29, 2018, 10:40:57 PM 
Started by Muhena - Last post by Muhena
Character Name: Muhena

Class: Monk

Mainspec: Windwalker


Level: 110

Armoury Link: Huh?

Time /played on this character: 10 days including the same class/spec on my old server.

Timezone and Location: Melbourne GMT+10

Previous guilds/servers: Uther/Filthy horde
(Why did you leave?) To come play with my brother Pakz

Why do you want to be in a guild? Socialisation, and group/raid content sans LFG/R idiocy
What will you bring to the guild, what do you expect from a guild? I bring a willingness to work as part of a whole to achieve a common objective, a good sense of humor and nearly 20 years experience playing a variety of MMOs across a variety of classes and roles.  I enjoy the game and want to progress my character.  I expect from a guild basic respect, to be treated fairly, and I would like a group of friends who I can do things in game with.

Why do you want to join Oceania in particular? 1. My brother Pakz 2. I want to join a good Aussie timezone guild so that I can raid and do hard group content and I understand that Oceania defines itself as Casual Core, which fits my needs at this stage of my life.
(What are you hoping to achieve with us? Do you know any of our members already? ) I know my brother Pakz, well at least somewhat :-) I would like to achieve, as per above, raiding, fun and community.

Are you applying for a raiding position in Oceania? Yes
(If not you may skip to the last question)

      • What motivates you to raid? Character Progression and the ability to beat challenging content
      (What do you enjoy? What do you dislike?)
      • What are your raiding accomplishments so far in Warlords of Draenor? A small amount of LFR raids
      (Instances have you cleared, highest achievements earned, any heroic modes?)

      • What are your raiding accomplishments prior to Warlords of Draenor?I have done some raiding in previous games, but no other raiding in WOW.
      (How far did you progress in vanilla and previous expansions?  What class/role did you play in these?)

      • Do you intend to raid on this character (or another) outside of Oceania? No
      (Is this character your main?  Will you have other raiding commitments in WoW?)

      • Why did you choose your class/spec/role and what makes you excel at it? I enjoy the melee DPS Monk. I am a successful raider because I understand the need to work as one part of a whole.  I understand that progression takes a lot of time and I am happy to put in that time to help the guild progress through the raiding tiers.
      (What is the crucial to the performance of your class? What makes you a successful raider?)

      • List our raid times (converted to your local time). How do these times work for you? 7-9 Thursday Nights. 5:45-8:45 Sun nights I can attend most raids and you can depend on me to show up on time or make you aware of my absence ahead of time.
      (Can you attend most raids? Can we depend on you showing up when expected?)

      • Sometimes you may be required to sit out, how do you feel about this? I understand that the needs of the whole take precedence. I am confident that over time I will be the one chosen to make the raid a success.
      (Raid spots are not guaranteed, they are earned and they are shared)

      • If you are a hybrid class, you occasionally may be needed to raid as your offspec, how do you feel about this? Needs of the whole. I am happy to maintain an offspec as needed.
      (How experienced are you at playing another role? How well do you maintain your offspec gear?)

      • Is your computer and internet connection consistently reliable? Yes my computer is new and more than able to perform raiding in WOW.
      (What is your FPS and latency like in an average raid? Can your GPU handle many spell effects at once?)

Briefly tell us about yourself: I'm in my mid 30's, I love MMOs I have no freakin idea who was at the forefront of agriculture in the 17th century and my views on interior decorating are blackout on my windows and a bloody big 4k monitor! My interests are languages, I am fluent in Mandarin and I know a little Spanish. I plan to study further languages further. I have worked as a translator and Mandarin/English tutor among other things. My other interests are MMOs and good friends.
(May include age, interests, study or employment, favourite 17th century agriculturalist, views on interior decorating, etc)

Please give examples of your 3 best puns or dad jokes to ensure you will fit the culture of the guild.
I'm serious. Raid is nothing but hours of bad puns. If you can't handle that, we may not be the guild you are looking for.

I had a guildie in a previous game whose mother made him lose weight, one night while surfing for **rn he ran across an ad for guaranteed weight loss, it advertised "Lose 10kgs in 1 week GUARANTEED" it wasn't cheap but he had to get results so he signed up. The next morning he was woken at 6am by his doorbell ringing.  When he opened the door, there was a very comely young lass wearing a pair of bright pink Nike runners and a sigh around her neck that read "If you can catch me, you can have me".  She ran off down the street, and he bolted out the door in his boxers and socks and after 2km she let him catch her. You can fill in the blanks.  After a week of this every morning he weighed himself and sure enough he had lost 12 kgs!!!  He went back to the website and saw they had higher level packages, not being quite game enough he went for the mid range package which promised at least 15kg of weight loss in one week.  He thought to himself, given last week, this is going to be spectactular.  Next morning 5:59am he opens the door and WOW their is a young lady that put last week to shame, same shoes, same sign, but she could run! Utterly exhausted, but with a smile locked on his face, at the end of the week he had lost 20kgs!!! Sun night, he is inspired to try their premium package, which promises at least 20kgs weight loss in one week!  Monday morning, 5:59am he yanks his front door open and immediately his jaw hits the floor!  There is Hugh Jackman, in all his wolverine muscular glory wearing Pink Nike runners and a sign around his neck which says, if I can catch you, I can HAVE YOU!

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